Shanto-Mariam Academy of Creative Technology (SMACT) has been established in order to spread up-to-date design, cultural and technical education throughout the Country under the guidance of Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology. Diploma, CertiĀ¬cate and short courses are open to all - from a child of 5 years and above. The subjects are as follows:

  • Music (Rabindra, Nazrul Classical, Folk);
  • Dance (Bhorot Nattyam, Kathak Folk-dance, Monipuri);
  • Correct Pronunciation;Instrumental Music (Tabla, Guitar, Violin);
  • Recitation;
  • Acting;
  • News-reading

    The Academy also introduces Vocational SSC in Automotive, Garment Design & Pattern Cutting and Interior with Auto CAD under Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). The Academy has started SSC and HSC programme under the Bangladesh Open University for underprivileged students who are working in Rural Area.

    Under the programme "Education for All" of Shanto-Mariam Foundation, Shanto-Mariam Academy of Creative Technology is expanding all the above courses to cater for the needs of the common people of the country. In addition a skills training programme for human resource development in the rural areas will be introduced soon all over the country.