Department of Architecture

Architecture will continue to play a dominant role in creating the urban fabric with aesthetics and functionality. In the context of architecture as art, intellectualism, and practice, our programme underpins the idea that the mission of an architect, and architecture as a whole, should be in creating built environments for the needs of human beings which are aesthetically enriching and functional, in revitalizing the urban fabric, and in being stewards of the environment. We view the study of architecture as a discipline in which issues of architectural practice, of the value that it creates in construction design, of the multiplicity of social relations in which built structures exist and their environmental effects are enfolded with the subject matter.

The students will develop the skills to critically evaluate and research questions and issues related to architecture of a project and to invent architectural designs which respond to those questions and issues. They will develop a working method for designing and creating architecturally coherent designs and solutions.

The department offers the following programme:


Career Options

  • Staff Architect
  • Architectural Consultant
  • Commercial Interior Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Landscape Designer
  • Stage Designer
  • Set Designer