Course Curriculum:Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
ECS 1101English - Communication Skills I1.5nil
CSE 1107Computer Applications in Business 2nil
BSC 1101Bangladesh Studies & Culture2nil
BUS 1101Introduction to Business3nil
MAT 1101Business Mathematics-I3nil
Total Credits: 11.5
PPD 1201Personal & Professional Development I1.5nil
ECS 1203English - Communication Skills II1.5ECS 1101
MGT 1201Principles of Management3nil
MKT 1201Principles of Marketing3nil
MAT 1203Business Mathematics-II3MAT 1101
Total Credits: 12
ECS 1305English - Communication Skills III1.5ECS 1203
MKT 1303Marketing Management3MKT 1201
HRM 1301Human Resource Management3nil
ACT 1301Principles of Accounting3nil
STA 1301Business Statistics-I3nil
Total Credits: 13.5
ECS 2107English - Communication Skills IV1.5ECS 1305
ECO 2101Microeconomics3nil
BUS 2103Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development3nill
FIN 2101Principles of Finance & Insurance3nill
STA 2103Business Statistics-II3STA 1301
Total Credits: 13.5
ECS 2209English Communicative Skills - V 1.5ECS 2107
ECO 2203Macroeconomics3ECO 2101
BUS 2205Organizational Behavior3nill
ACT 2203Financial Accounting3ACT 1301
MIS 2203E- Commerce1.5CSE 1101
Total Credits: 12
ECS 2311English Communicative Skills - VI1.5ECS 2209
ECO 2305International Trade & Business3ECO 2203
FIN 2303Financial Management3FIN 2101
ACT 2305Cost & Managerial Accounting3ACT 2203
Total Credits: 10.5
ECS 3113Business English I1.5ECS 2311
MGT 3103Production & Operations Management1.5STA 2103
BUS 3107Research Methodology3nill
ACT 3107Taxation Practice in Bangladesh3ACT 2203
MIS 3105E- Business1.5MIS 2203
Total Credits: 10.5
ECS 3215Business English Ii1.5ECS 3113
FIN 3205Project Management & Appraisal3FIN 2303 & STA 2103
LAW 3201Legal Environment of Business3nill
TQM 3205Total Quality Management1.5nill
Total Credits: 9
MGT 3307Strategic Management3nill
BUS 3309Business Communication2nill
--Major 1 (Finance, Accounting, Marketing & HRM)3nill
--Major 2 (Finance, Accounting, Marketing & HRM)3nill
Total Credits: 11
--Major 3 (Finance, Accounting, Marketing & HRM)3nill
--Major 4 (Finance, Accounting, Marketing & HRM)3nill
--Major 5 (Finance, Accounting, Marketing & HRM)3nill
--Major 6 (Finance, Accounting, Marketing & HRM)3nill
Total Credits: 12
--Major 7 (Finance, Accounting, Marketing & HRM)3nill
--Major 8 (Finance, Accounting, Marketing & HRM)3nill
--Major 9 (Finance, Accounting, Marketing & HRM)3nill
--Major 10 (Finance, Accounting, Marketing & HRM)3nil
PPD 4203Personal & Professional Development-II1.5PPD 1201
Total Credits: 13.5
INT 4301Internship Report2nil
INT 4303Internship Report Defense2nil
INT 4305Comprehensive Viva2nil
Total Credits: 6
Total = 54 Modules: 135 Credits

Major in Finance & Banking
Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
FIN 3307Financial Analysis & Control3nil
FIN 3309Bank Fund Management3nil
FIN 4111Working Capital Management3nil
FIN 4113International Financial Management3nil
FIN 4115Micro Finance3nil
FIN 4117Corporate Finance3nil
FIN 4219Special Topics in Finance3nil
FIN 4221Financial Derivatives3nil
FIN 4223Financial Institutes & Markets3nil
FIN 4225Investment & Portfolio Management3nil

Major in Marketing
Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
MKT 3305Consumer Behavior3nil
MKT 3307Promotional Management3nil
MKT 4109Tourism & Hospitality Management3nil
MKT 4111Brand Management3nil
MKT 4113Service Marketing3nil
MKT 4115Agricultural Marketing3nil
MKT 4217Strategic Marketing3nil
MKT 4219Marketing Research3nil
MKT 4221Marketing Channels3nil
MKT 4223International Marketing3nil

Major in Accounting Information System
Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
ACT 3309Accounting Theory & Contemporary Issues3nil
ACT 3311Advanced Cost Accounting3nil
ACT 4113Accounting for Govt. & Non Profit Organization3nil
ACT 4115Advanced Financial Accounting3nil
ACT 4117Accounting for Financial Institutions3nil
ACT 4119Theory & Practice of Taxation3nil
ACT 4221Strategic Management Accounting3nil
ACT 4223Advanced Auditing3nil
ACT 4225International Accounting Standard3nil
ACT 4227Financial Statements Analysis & Reporting3nil

Major in Human Resources Management
Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
HRM 3303Compensation Management3nil
HRM 3305Training & Development3nil
HRM 4107Organizational Structure & Design 3nil
HRM 4109Legal Aspects of HRM3nil
HRM 4111Industrial Relations3nil
HRM 4113Human Resource Planning3nil
HRM 4115Strategic HRM3nil
HRM 4117International HRM3nil
HRM 4119HR Practice in Bangladesh3nil
HRM 4121HR Information System3nil