Course Curriculum:Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
MBA 5102Business Communication3nil
MBA 5103Bus. Mathematics for Decision Making3nil
MBA 5104Financial Management3nil
MBA 5201Marketing Management3nil
MBA 5202Financial Accounting3nil
Total Credits: 15
MBA 6302Human Resource Management3nil
MBA 6303Organizational Behavior3nil
MBA 6305FPersonal and Professional Development (PPD)2nil
MBA 6401International Business 3ECS 1101
MBA 6501Business Statistics for Decision Making 3NIL
Total Credits: 14
MBA 5101Management Theory & Practice3nill
MBA 5105Managerial Economics3nil
MBA 6304Management Information Systems3nil
MBA 6402Production and Operations Management3nil
MBA 6403Strategic Management3ART 1204
Total Credits: 15
MBA 6404Research Methodology3nill
Total Credits: 3
Total = 23 Modules: 60 Credits

Major in Marketing
Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
MBA 7102International Marketing3nil
MBA 7103Strategic Marketing3nil
MBA 7104Marketing Research3nil
MBA 7106Services Marketing3nil

Major in Human Resources Management
Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
MBA 7119Compensation and Performance Management3nil
MBA 7120Training and Development3nil
MBA 7121Strategic Human Resource Management3nil
MBA 7122Industrial Relations3nil

Major in Finance & Banking
Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
MBA 7125International Financial Management3nil
MBA 7126Advanced Corporate Finance3nil
MBA 7127Investment and Portfolio Management3nil
MBA 7128Financial Institutions and Markets3nil

Major in Accounting Information System
Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
MBA 7109Accounting Information Systems3nil
MBA 7110Corporate Reporting and Financial St. Analysis3nil
MBA 7111Advanced Auditing and Taxation3nil
MBA 7112Cost Accounting & Budgetary Control3nil