B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Science & Engineering

The B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) programme is designed to produce skilled graduates in the field to satisfy the growing demands for computer engineering graduates at home and abroad. It provides the students an opportunity to obtain broad knowledge of Computer Science and Computer Engineering with the freedom to tailor the programme according to the student’s individual needs.


The programme of study will include the following modules:

  • Differential and Integral Calculus
  • Structured Programming
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Intro to Electrical Engineering
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Digital Electronic and Circuits
  • Numerical Methods
  • Data Base Management Systems
  • Object Oriented Programming I (C++)
  • Computer Architecture
  • Linear Algebra and Complex Variables
  • Electrical Drivers and Instrumentation
  • Operating Systems
  • Design Data Communication
  • Computer Networks
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Graphics and Multimedia System
    • Mobile computing
    • Software Engineering
    • Computer Organization and Microprocessor
    • Telecommunication Systems
    • Various Operating System
    • Web Design Lab
    • Final Project (Java/.Net/VB/C#)

    Optional Courses

    Software and Information Group

    • Advanced Java Programming
    • Visual Programming
    • Net & C# Programming
    • Advanced Database Technology
    • Data Warehousing and Data Mining
    • Software Project Management
    • Simulation and Modelling

    Hardware and Networks Groups

    • Mobile and Wireless Communication
    • Communication Engineering
    • Data Security
    • Expert System
    • VLSI Design
    • TCP/IP Design and Implementation
    • Graph Theory and Pattern Reorganization

    Career Options

    • Software/Hardware Engineer
    • Programmer
    • Web Developer
    • System Administrator
    • Database Administrator
    • IT Professional
    • BCS educational cadre
    • Games Developer
    • Information Systems Manager
    • IT Consultant
    • Multimedia Programmer
    • Network Engineer
    • Systems Analyst
    • Systems Developer
    • ICT/Computer Teacher
    • IT Executive
    • Android Application Developer
    • Mobile Application Developer