Course Curriculum:B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Science and Information Technology

Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
ECS 1101English - Communication Skills I1.5nil
CSE 1111Introduction to Computer Systems3nil
CSE 1112Introduction to Computer Systems Lab1.5nil
PHY 1159Physics I3nil
PHY 1160Physics Lab I1nil
MAT 1117Math I: Differential and Integral Calculus3nil
Total Credits: 13
ECS 1203English - Communication Skills II1.5nil
CSE 1231Structured Programming Language C3nil
CSE 1232Structured Programming Language C Lab1.5nil
BHC 1101Bangladesh History & Culture1.5nil
MAT 1257Math II :Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus3nil
CIT 1111Information Technology Fundamentals3nil
Total Credits: 13.5
ECS 1305English - Communication Skills III2nil
CSE 1337Object Oriented Programming3nil
CSE 1338Object Oriented Programming Lab1.5nil
CSE 1387Discrete Mathematics3Nil
BSS 1101Basic Social Science1.5nil
MEC 1202Engineering Drawing Lab1.5nil
Total Credits: 12.5
CSE 2111Data Structures3nil
CSE 2112Data Structures Lab1nil
EEE 2147Introduction to Electrical Engineering3Nil
EEE 2148Introduction to Electrical Engineering Lab1.5Nil
MGT 3311Technology Entrepreneurship1.5Nil
STA 2187Math IV (Probability and Statistics)3Nil
Total Credits: 13
CSE 2211Database Management Systems3Nil
CSE 2212Database Management Systems Lab 1Nil
CSE 2237Analysis and Design of Algorithms3nil
CSE 2238Analysis and Design of Algorithms Lab1.5nil
CSE 2377Digital Logic Design3Nil
CSE 2378Digital Logic Design Lab1Nil
Total Credits: 12.5
CSE 3161System Analysis and Design3nil
CSE 3262System Analysis and Design Lab1Nil
CIT 2311Information Theory and Applications3nil
CSE 2314Graphic Design Lab1nil
CSE 2367Computer Architecture3Nil
ICT 2302Project I1Nil
Total Credits: 12
CSE 3135Microprocessors and Microcontroller3nil
CSE 3136Microprocessors and Microcontroller Lab1nil
CSE 3167Operating Systems3nil
CSE 3168Operating Systems Lab1.5nil
CSE 3169Automata Theory and Compiler Design3nil
CSE 3171Data Communication3nil
Total Credits: 14.5
CSE 3285Networking3nil
CSE 3286Networking Lab1.5nil
CSE 3297Software Engineering3nil
CSE 3298Software Engineering LAB1.5nil
CSE 3170Object Oriented Software Development Lab1.5nil
IOM 3111Industrial and Operational Management2nil
ICT 3204Project II1nil
Total Credits: 13.5
CSE 3311Artificial Intelligence3nil
CSE 3313Web Programming 3nil
CSE 3314Web Programming Lab1.5nil
CSE 3315Computer and Cyber Security2nil
CSE 3316Data Centre Management1.5nil
MIS 3301Management Information System2nil
Total Credits: 13
CSE 41**Optional I3nil
CSE 41**Optional I Lab1.5nil
CSE 41**Optional II3nil
CSE 4112Big Data2nil
CSE 4114Mobile Application and Development1.5nil
ICT 4106Project III1nil
Total Credits: 12
IRI 4201International Relationship2nil
CSE 42**Optional III3nil
CSE 42**Optional III Lab1.5nil
CSE 42**Optional IV3nil
Total Credits: 9.5
ICT 4308Project/Thesis(Final)4It is fix for 12th semester
Total Credits: 4
Total = 66 Modules: 143 Credits

Group1 ( Optional I)
Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
CSE 4111Programming Language C# Net3
CSE 4112Programming Language C# Net Lab1.5
CSE 4113Software Architecture3
CSE 4114Software Architecture Lab1.5
CSE 4115Python Programming Language3
CSE 4116Python Programming Language Lab1.5
CSE 4117Software Testing & Quality Assurance3
CSE 4118Software Testing & Quality Assurance Lab1.5
CSE 4119Advanced object Oriented Programming3
CSE 4120Advanced object Oriented Programming Lab1.5
CSE 4121Multimedia Systems Design3
CSE 4122Multimedia Systems Design Lab1.5
CSE 4123Computer Graphics3
CSE 4124Computer Graphics Lab1.5
CSE 4125Pattern Recognition3
CSE 4126Pattern Recognition Lab1.5
CSE 4127Advanced DBMS3
CSE 4128Advanced DBMS Lab1.5
CSE 4129Compiler3
CSE 4130Compiler Lab1.5

Group1 ( Optional II)
Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
CSE 4141Data Mining3
CSE 4143E-Commerce3
CSE 4145Digital Image Processing3
CSE 4147Game Design & Development3
CSE 4149Cloud Computing3

Group 2 (Optional III)
Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
CSE 4211Advance Neworking3
CSE 4212Advance Neworking Lab1.5
CSE 4213Wireless Communication3
CSE 4214Wireless Communication Lab1.5
CSE 425Simulation & Modeling3
CSE 4216Simulation & Modeling Lab1.5
CSE 4217VLSI Design3
CSE 4218VLSI Design Lab1.5
CSE 4219Digital Forensics and Investigation3
CSE 4220Digital Forensics and Investigation Lab1.5

Group 2 (Optional IV)
Module CodeModule TitleCredit(s)Prerequisite(s)
CSE 4221Optical Fiber Communication3
CSE 4223Advanced Network Services and Management3
CSE 4225Mobile Cellular Communicaton3
CSE 4227Mobile Computing3
CSE 4229Network Security3
CSE 4231Advance Architecture3
CSE 4233Robotics3
CSE 4235Embedded Systems3
CSE 4237Theory of Computing3
CSE 4239Introduction to Bioinformatics3
CSE 4251Machine Learning3