Department of English

The Department of English began its journey at Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology in 2006 in response to the ever-increasing demand of English as the most used language worldwide in communication, commerce and technology. The objective of the Department is to build and develop students’ intellectual, inter-personal, and communicative skills through exposure to the unique combination of different courses ranging from literature to language, from critical theories to cultural studies.

The department provides a vibrant, stimulating and supportive study environment so that learners can be self-motivated to learn, be inquisitive and explore the vast world of English being equipped with the ability to face challenges in the national and global sphere. The academic programmes are designed so as to enable students to appreciate literary works independently and think critically. The programmes also incorporate the most recent developments in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching (ELT).

To broaden students’ engagement beyond the academic study and develop their social and communication skills, the department organizes different co-curricular events such as debate competition, Shakespeare’s birthday celebration, drama, wall magazine, picnic and other activities with active participation of students.

The department offers the following programmes:


Career Options

  • English Language Teacher
  • Corporate Executive
  • Script Writer
  • Reporter/Journalist
  • Playwright
  • BCS Cadre
  • Merchandizer