MA in Fashion Design

The MA in Fashion Design programme combines fashion and textile studies, creative design thinking and research, and intense studio practice. The programme gives a platform to extend the fashion design practice to a higher level culminating in an extensive collection. The programme is specially designed to accommodate the demands of current professionals who may be engaged in current profession but eager to extend their knowledge and skill level to meet the demands of the fashion industry. Emphasis is placed on the theoretical, practical and research aspects of various areas in Fashion Design such as Woven Apparel, Knitwear, Textiles and Print & Surface Decoration.

The programme is offered in 1 year track or 2 year track. The First and Second semester modules of the programme exist in order to bring all entrants to the required level of conceptualisation and technical skills, as well as provide the necessary academic business knowledge. Students who have completed BA (Hons) in Fashion Design will get admission in 3rd semester and will continue up to 4th semester to complete one year MA in Fashion Design degree. Students having a bachelor degree in other disciplines will be placed in the 1st semester and will continue till the 4th semester within the 2 year track programme.


  • Computer Information Systems
  • Principles of Social Science & Management
  • Pattern Drafting & Cutting Design Management
  • Apparel Manufacturing –I/II
  • Apparel Manufacturing III
  • Textile Science & Technology
  • Fashion/Textile Design & Technology
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Industrial Placement Fashion & Style Forecasting
  • Knitwear Design & Manufacture
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • International Consumer Behaviour
    • International Retailing Systems
    • Range/Product Development
    • Research Methodology
    • Apparel Manufacturing Technology IV- Collection
    • Fashion Design – Dissertation, Portfolio and Collection

    Career Options

    • Fashion Designer
    • Knitwear Designer
    • Textile Designer
    • Fashion Stylist
    • Fashion Journalist
    • Retailer/ Boutique Owner
    • Apparel Merchandizer
    • Design Director
    • Art & Design Teacher
    • Fashion Merchandizer
    • Print & Embroidery Specialist
    • Visual Merchandizer
    • Factory Manager
    • Compliance Manager
    • Total Quality Manager
    • Production Manager