Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia

Globally there is a continuing increase in companies who are in need of capable professional designers who can embrace all aspects of design, visual and ergonomic, with a competent application of technology and an appreciation of the social and commercial constraints to create attractive advertising and informative visual communication at all levels. The academic programme in Graphic Design and Multimedia enables our students to become capable of serving the demands of communications media in the ever-changing context and expressions of visual communications.

Graphic Design and Multimedia may include graphics, text, animation, audio and video to communicate interactively or linearly to target audience through a variety of print and digital media. The scope is diverse which may cover illustration, typography, poster and logo design, newspaper advertising, layout design, book design, 3D modeling and animation, 2D animation, motion graphics, web design and interactive content design for multimedia as well.

Many of our graduates have earned recognition at home and abroad and have earned awards in national and international design competitions. We have state of the art computer labs, animation lab, chroma studio and class rooms to enrich students. The blend of resourceful teaching staff with practical skills and contextual knowledge who passionately help our students to become prepared for challenging professional roles in future career is a distinctive feature of the department. We encourage students to cultivate their creativity with out of the box thinking and explore the frontier of creative idea generation.

We are also supported by our associate organizations such as Shanto-Mariam Center for Creative Media, Shanto-Mariam Printing and Packaging and The Daily Ajker Prottasha, where our students gain practical training.

Our graduates have engaged themselves in advertising firms, TV channels, garments industry, digital multimedia, print industry, film making, event management, furniture industry, digital marketing, web design, game development, mobile application development, NGOs, pharmaceuticals, and in many other organizations which require communication expertise.


The department offers the following programme:

Career Options

  • Graphic Designer
  • Creative Director
  • 2D/3D Animator
  • TV Producer
  • Media Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Video Editor
  • Visualizer
  • Motion Graphic Designer
  • Multimedia Content Developer