MSS in Government & Politics

The MSS in Government & Politics programme is offered in 1 year or 2 year track. Students with background in political science and public administration are placed in the 1 year track and students with background in other disciplines (including degree pass course) are placed in 2 year track.

The programme encompasses subject areas in indigenous politics, critical political theory and identity politics, democratic theory and practice, political behaviour, parties and elections, comparative public policy and institutions, environmental politics, international norms and institutions, governance, and human security. The curriculum is designed to enhance understanding of the processes involved in different political systems and the ability to engage in political events.


Students in the 2 year track MSS in Government & Politics programme will study the following modules in the 1st year:

  • Studies in Political Theory
  • Research Methodology
  • Studies in International Relation
  • Western Ancient Political Thought
  • Studies in Comparative Politics (UK, USA & China)
  • Theories of Modernization & Development
  • Political Economy of Bangladesh
  • The politics of South & South Asia
  • Bangladesh Politics
  • Politics & Personalities of the Sub-Continent

The following modules are studied in the 1 year track programme. Students in the 2 year track programme will also study the following modules in the 2nd year of the programme:

  • Military and Politics of Developing Countries
  • Women & Politics
  • International Law & Diplomacy
  • Conflicts & Conflict Resolution
  • Human Rights & International Law
  • International Politics
  • Political Institutions
  • Recent Political Thoughts
  • Problems of Government
  • Public Administration in Bangladesh

Career Options

  • BCS Cadre
  • Press and Media
  • Political Affairs
  • Corporate Executive
  • Public Service