Department of Interior Architecture: Pioneer in Interior Education In Bangladesh


Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology introduced Interior Architecture education in Bangladesh through establishing Interior Architecture Department in the year 2003. Since then the department has been serving the nation with excellence in Interior Architecture education.

When it comes to designing spaces within a constructed area or altering the inner environment, a skilled interior architect/designer is necessary. The interior architecture and design require technical knowledge as well as aesthetic insight. A designer must have the knowledge of the space and the built environment, their respective structures and forms, the nature of interaction between different spaces, knowledge of the quality, characteristics and behaviour of different construction materials, the principles of professional practice, management and marketing. Equally important is the designer’s creative ability and the handling of the aesthetic aspects of the designed spaces. The eventual visual qualities are created by the designer’s sense of composition, proportion, colour, light, shade and texture.

Interest in Interior Architecture has grown rapidly in recent years. New materials, technologies and techniques are giving Interior architects exciting new ways to enclose and use space. We encourage you to choose Interior Architecture as your field of study as it will offer many ways to cultivate your creativity and can offer exciting opportunities in career. The demand for interior architects are increasing as more and more organizations and individuals are choosing professional expertise in interior design and architecture.

Our academic programme in Interior Architecture is supported by our associate organizations such as Creative Furniture and Shanto-Mariam Designers and Builders, where students can gain practical training. We have a thriving alumni community and our graduates are successfully continuing their chosen profession. Many of them chose to become entrepreneurs and engage in their own design practice. Our graduates have also participated in national and international design competitions and earned accolades.


The department offers the following programmes:

Career Options

  • Interior Architect
  • Furniture Designer
  • Residence Designer
  • Restaurant Designer
  • Retail Shop Designer
  • Office Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Landscape Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Event Manager
  • 3D Specialist
  • Color Expert
  • Corporate Designer
  • Hotel & Resort Designer
  • Institutional Space Designer
  • Teaching Professional
  • Interior Material Expert
  • Enterpreneur