Department of Fine Arts

The Department of Fine Arts was established in the Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology as one of the core departments of the University to promote cultural and creative education in the country. The nation has a responsibility to preserve its creative history and heritage, nurture its creative and artistic talents which are plentiful in Bangladesh. Within the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, the academic programmes of the department are designed to provide a diverse and broad-based fine arts education to aspiring artists and designers. We aim to enable our students to make significant contributions in the fields of arts and culture. Our programmes underpin the idea that every artist is a small business and should be aware of modern business practices, so as to support them to flourish in their artistic career.

We strive to ensure quality education and the best possible logistic support to the students. Students are provided with facilities for exchange of ideas and promotion of their art work at two of our associate organizations, Art Hut and Art Gallery and Creative the Art Mall.

The department resides in a natural and serene environment in the Kalma Campus, Savar. Transport services with University buses are provided to the Kalma Campus for the students and teachers. Students are also offered substantial scholarships and waivers in each semester and at the time of new admission.

The department offers the following programmes:


Career Options

  • Fine Artist
  • Typographer
  • Book & Magazine Illustrator
  • Scientific Illustrator
  • Art Teacher
  • Advertising Executive
  • Art Director
  • Curator
  • Animator
  • Set Designer
  • Film & TV Producer