MA in Islamic Studies

The MA in Islamic Studies programme is offered in 1 year or 2 year track. Students with background in Islamic Studies at the Bachelor level are placed in the 1 year track and students with background in other disciplines (including degree pass course) are placed in 2 year track.

The programme focuses on providing knowledge and critical understanding about Islam as a religion and introduces scholarly approaches to the study of Islam. The curriculum encompasses areas such as the science of the two of the fundamental sources of Islamic knowledge: the Quran & Hadith, the Islamic law, comparative religion, Islamic dawah. In addition, biography of Prophet Mohammad (SM), Islamic banking & insurance, old and modern muslim history, Islam & international institutions, and research methodology are also studied in the programme.

Students will advance their knowledge and understanding about the Islamic sense of ethics and morality, and Islamic exegesis.


Students in the 2 year track MA in Islamic Studies will study the following modules in the 1st year:

  • Introduction to Islam
  • Introduction to Al Quran
  • Introduction to Al Sunnah
  • Tawhid & Islamic Aqidah
  • Introduction to Fiqh
  • Islamic Dawah & its Methodology
  • Comparative Religion
  • Biography of Prophet Mohammad (SM)
  • Islamic History-1
  • Islamic Banking & Insurance

The following modules are studied in the 1 year track programme. Students in the 2 year track programme will also study the following modules in the 2nd year of the programme:

  • Introduction to Science of the Quran & Hadith
  • Shariah & Codification of Islamic Law
  • Development of Muslim Thoughts
  • Modern Muslim History
  • Tawhid & its implication for human life
  • Islam & International Institutions
  • Islam & Tasawuf
  • Foundation of Political Science in the Quran & Sunnah
  • Roles of Research Methodology
  • Islamization of Knowledge

Career Options

  • BCS Cadre
  • Islamic Teacher
  • Religous Institutions
  • Islamic Banking
  • Corporate Executive
  • Public Service