Faculty of Design and Technology

The faculty will produce graduates skilled in many of the areas which need to be developed to prove bene¬cial to manufacturing industries in Bangladesh, where the bene¬ts of Design education and Designers are unfortunately lacking. This faculty o ers the following courses:

Bachelor of Arts [Hons] in Fashion Design & Technology with specialization in

  • Woven Appare
  • Knitwear
  • Textile Design
  • Print & Surface Decoration
  • • Bachelor of Arts [Hons] in Apparel Manufacturing Management & Technology
    • Bachelor of Arts [Hons] in Interior Architecture
    • Bachelor of Arts [Hons] in Graphic Design & Multimedia
    • Bachelor of Arts [Hons] in Product Design with specialization in
  •    Ceramic Design
  •    Jewellery
  •    Accessories and Leather Product
  •     Traditional Skills, Handicraft & Culture
  • Bachelor of Science [Hons] in Computer Science Technology

  • Bachelor of Science [Hons] in Computer Science & Engineering

  • Bachelor of Architecture [Hons]

  • Master of Arts in Fashion/Interior/Product Design-
  • one or two years, depending on the course content of the first Degree.
  • Master of Business of Administration (MBA) in Product & Fashion Merchandising
  • Apparel Manufacturing Management and Technology

  • Apparel Manufacturing Management and Technology
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Product & Fashion Merchandising

    The various managerial positions within the apparel industry require creative direction, working with team spirit to develop appropriate, innovative, commercially viable clothing for tomorrow's fast changing world markets. Due to the global nature of the industries involved, clothes made in Bangladesh, from textiles sourced locally and from across the world, are then subsequently exported all over the globe. This system requires Managers at all stages of the process to be informed on a wide range of issues such as global commerce, market forces, consumer information, cultural awareness and 'state of the art' design and technology. Fluency in English is absolutely essential and a knowledge of your competitors language 'Chinese" may also prove useful.

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Product & Fashion Merchandising

    The University's Master of Business Administration in Product & Fashion Merchandising is designed to give students a diverse opportunity to prepare for high managerial positions in today's complex and dynamic business environment. The demands of an increasingly competitive, multicultural global economy characterised by rapid technological innovation, superior product, service quality demands teamed with modern, creative styling and aggressive marketing are the hallmarks of future business strategies necessary for Bangladesh's business survival. The entire course consists of a prescribed programme of post-graduate studies designed on both the theoretical and practical aspects of the Fashion & Product Manufacturing and Marketing business. Although based on the prime manufacturing industries of Bangladesh it is not a vocational training degree but one at international MBA level. The adherence to sound ethical techniques and the recognition of globally acknowledged norms of business procedures -gure prominently. This is designed as a full-time mode but the time span will alter should it be run part-time

    Interior Architecture :

    Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE

    Interior Architecture course emphasizes on cultural, institutional, commercial and domestic architectural space. A strong focus on creative, conceptual design is complemented by work of building construction and design for professional practice. Interior architecture involves people to design three-dimensional environments according to the anticipated behavioral activities and intended psychological experience. This encompasses a wide range of possible projects from exhibitions, art galleries and cultural spaces, to hospitality environments such as hotels, restaurants, institution buildings like hospitals, and schools, retail environment, sport centers, corporate offices and of course, residential housing. Interior architecture is concerned with the design of new architectural space or the refurbishment of existing space, working within the parameters of buildings, planning and heritage.

    Master of Arts in INTERIOR DESIGN

    The curriculum offered is designed to give the Bachelor of Fine Arts, BA in Architecture, Fashion, Product, Home Economics, Textiles, Leather Technology or other design graduates an intensive knowledge in the specialist subject as well as a diverse background in basic essential disciplines which are the Common Core of all our entire degree courses. The second year of the course will enable the BA Interior Architecture (Hons) students to gain a Master of Arts in Interior Design. Emphasis is placed on both the theoretical, practical and research aspects and one of the basic philosophies of the course is that good practice requires good theory and vice versa.

    Graphic Design and Multimedia:

    Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in GRAPHIC DESIGN & MULTIMEDIA

    Graphic Design and Multimedia is the pictorial representation of information which will attract and communicate messages to its target customers at all levels, project information without text and utilise colour, imagery , typography and special e¬ects to enhance communication. In order to work within today's rapidly evolving communication professions the student will not only study the traditional skills of typography, layout, photography and illustration for the print and broadcasting media but also examine the scope of web design, video, animation and achieve a holistic understanding of "state-of-the-art"communication systems using diverse media. The programme o¬ered in Graphic Design and Multimedia is designed to develop a lateral thinker with all the diverse and broad-based knowledge required. Interpersonal skills, technical and intellectual, innovative skills based on sound analytical research, con dence to work within a team and good communicative skills are what is demanded by employers and the course will nurture and embrace all these concepts.

    Product Design

    Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in PRODUCT DESIGN

    The role of a Designer is being increasingly recognised as a vital factor in the successful development of all manufactured products. Globally there is a continuing increase in companies who are in need of capable professional designers who can conceive design, visual creativity and ergonomics with a competent application of technology and an appreciation of the social and commercial constraints in order to create attractive viable products. These products can be anything from a kitchen appliance to an automobile, all having many aspects in common - functionality, interaction with the human user, cost restraints, visual 3D existence, and the utilisation of modern materials and processes within the industrial manufacturing system. The curriculum o¬ered in Product Design is formulated to give the student all the diverse and broad-based knowledge required.

    Specializations subjects:

    Accessories & Leather Products

    The local markets of Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have great scope for home consumption and export of Bangladeshi designed accessories and handcrafted items. In Bangladesh, the availability of leather and human resources with garment assembly skills provide an opportunity for Leather to be exported as 'Value Added' products instead of cheap base product as skins. The possibility exists for students to develop strong critical and analytical abilities and become very individually creative. The future generations of innovative, creative and highly individual design statements will work as a platform for producing designers with a 'Bangladesh Style', becoming 'Fashion Leaders', not merely copyists.

    Traditional Skills, Handicraft & Culture

    The local Handicraft sector is a considerable export earner for Bangladesh and has the potential for growth. Bangladesh could be the world supplier to the niche market of Handicrafts. This ambition needs intensive design development and marketing know-how and should not be treated as a 'Cinderella' industry. The indigenous base products available in Bangladesh, especially Jute and Bamboo, the wealth of artisan skill and the mass of unexploited and undocumented traditional knowledge makes this an essential area for intensive Design study.

    Ceramic Design

    The Ceramic Designer's job is one of creative direction, working within teams to develop appropriate, innovative, commercially viable crockery for today's fast changing world markets. Due to the global nature of the industries involved, ceramics made in Bangladesh are subsequently exported all over the world. This system requires Designers to be informed on a wide range of issues such as global commerce, market forces, consumer information, cultural awareness, and 'state-of-the-art' technology.


    Jewellery is a growing industry in Bangladesh and while it has the export potential for the local and international market, it requires the styling re­ned to cater for Western tastes. Sri Lanka has taken this challenge and is now exporting Jewellery products. Although not a heavily labour intensive industry the value-added element is high per unit. The curriculum has been developed in order to introduce professionalism into an indigenous area where high artisan skill exists and desire for these products is expanding globally and may allow Bangladesh to create another export marketing opportunity.


    Computer Science and Information Technology


    Continuing advances in sophisticated computer technologies that provide interactive graphics and animation are changing the computing, communications and entertainment industries. You will learn object-oriented software design and development skills that are the basis of a career as a professional IT and software developer who can work effectively in a variety of environments and with a variety of product development technologies. You will develop skills in designing and implementing systems which will take account of organisations and their users, incorporating multimedia and delivering well-designed usable interfaces. Working in these dynamic and challenging fields requires a unique blend of technological and creative expertise and this course will provide you with the specialist knowledge and the developmental skills essential for this global industry.

    Bachelor of Science (Hons) in COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING

    A computing degree can lead to a wide and varied career. As a graduate of a computing discipline, you will be in demand in a variety of sectors from health and science to IT software and service organisations. One of the major challenges facing industry and commerce today is maintaining and enhancing its competitive edge. Therefore there is a constant industry demand for computer graduates who have the ability to build robust usable hardware and software systems, develop new business-compatible computer applications that use multimedia effectively, and who can create websites that are inspirational, motivational and contribute to a company's success. You'll start making valuable connections with potential employers through stimulating placement opportunities. This not only offers real-world practical experience, it also sharpens your competitive edge when you set out on your career. Close commercial collaboration at local, national and international level ensures our teaching and project work stays up-to-date, backed up by the world class research that feeds into course development.


    Bachelor of ARCHITECTURE

    Architecture will continue to play a dominant role in creating efficient designers in different fields. In the context of architecture as art, intellectualism, and practice, this programme believes that the mission of an architect, and architecture as awhole, should be in creating aesthetically enriching built environments for the needs of human beings, in revitalizing the urban fabric, and in being stewards of the global environment. The students will develop the skills with which to critically assess and research architectural, questions and to invent architectural designs through which those questions are addressed. They will develop a working method for designing and creating architectural coherent planning. Cities increase in size, volume and population overtime. Uncontrolled development leads to an unhealthy and unpleasant environment (internal and external), which in turn affects the living quality of people and hence the course of overall development it also has to be sustainable for future generations. With a firm grounding in architectural history, students will have knowledge and understanding of the theoretical and diverse cultural underpinnings of the discipline of architecture. They will also learn the ethical and practical aspects of the architectural profession in society both locally and globally. We are committed to the study of architecture as a cultural discipline in which issues of practice, of the multiplicity of social formations in which buildings exist, and of environmental effects which are enfolded with the subject matter of building design construction, space, material, form and use. Architecture arises from the aspirations that diverse individuals and groups have for their physical environment, and from the social enterprise of designing and fabricating the landscape in which in they inhabit. It involves individual and multiple buildings, the spaces within them, and the exterior landscape. The aim of this programme is to create a strong sense of awareness within the students, so that they can make a valuable contribution in their respective fields so as to become an integral part of a better environment by the application of the knowledge gained through this course. The Bachelor of Architecture program is a five-year curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Architecture degree. This is a professional degree that fulfils the educational requirements of a licensed architect. The programme provides opportunities for general education as well as preparation for professional practice and/or graduate study.

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