Shanto-Mariam Centre for Creative Media (SMCCM) is an institution of Shanto-Mariam Foundation. The Creative Media Centre would focus on the development of information, storage and multifarious development of information media for the people of Bangladesh. The society at present is known as the information-based society where we are always showered with information. Our everyday life is thus profoundly affected by this flow of information. The amalgamation of information with technology has been termed as information technology today. Information coupled with technology plays important role behind the development of entertainment, education, media, correspondence, business and marketing, and the operation of the government.

Shanto-Mariam Centre for Creative Media is committed to making contributions for the enrichment of the information media sector through knowledge, dedication, efficiency and integrity.


  • Event Management
  • Electronic Media production
  • Advertising
  • Printing Media Production
  • Music Composition and Production
  • Marketing communication
  • Media Facilities
  • Research & Survey